The Blood

Gas. Food. Tuition. It seems like the price of everything is going up (except my paycheck). The premium for my health insurance will also be increasing this year. My employer has provided an incentive to get a health assessment, and premiums will remain the same for those who complete a biometric screening. I made an…Read more »

Now Hiring

Notice: I apologize to any Millenial reading this post who may have a short attention span as some work will be required on your part to understand the gist of my subject. Please reference the hyperlinks.   If you take a close look at a job opening for RFMD as an RFIC & Module Design…Read more »

The Other Side of Customer Service

You order a “Number One” without pickles, but once you get home to devour your burger you find that it has pickles. You place your groceries on the checkout lane, but the cashier doesn’t make eye contact or greet you with a simple, “Hi. Did you find everything ok?” You call a place of business,…Read more »