Kids Say the Darndest Things

I used to date a guy who went to the same gym as me. One day as I was leaving, he and some friends were just arriving. Someone from his job was also walking out of the gym and stopped to say hello. They made small talk briefly, and I was introduced to everyone. My son, Aaron, was probably three at the time. One of the ladies turned her attention to greet what she thought was a cute little boy until he blurted out, “Fuck you.” Needless to say I was mortified and beyond embarrassed.

kids say the darndest things

Though currently in remission, I used to have a potty mouth. Pray for my deliverance. One of my best friends and I still laugh to this day about the time my Cocker Spaniel ran out the door as she was leaving and my son yelled, “Bentley (the dog), get your ass back in this house.” I could hardly reprimand my little rascal because it was my fault. He hadn’t learned those words at daycare or from Dora and Diego. He was doing what kids do; following the example of those they look up to. The good news is when I stopped swearing so did he.

Our words hold a lot of power, and sometimes we don’t realize it until we hear what we ourselves have spoken through someone else’s voice.

There are a few series like VH1’s Behind the Music or TVOne’s Unsung which tell the story of a certain celebrity/entertainer. Specials like these will start from the beginning of that person’s childhood days. We see video footage and pictures of them acting in school plays, performing in recitals, singing with their church choir, auditioning at talent contests, and so on. My son is six, so it’s too early to tell, but I wonder what he’ll be when he grows up. He’s structured like his mother and a goof ball like his father. A comedian wouldn’t be farfetched.

Other than Aarons’ obscenities, he does a good job of making me laugh. There’s a McDonald’s right by our previous home that had closed for remodeling. When it reopened they put an inflatable Ronald McDonald on the top of the finished restaurant. One day on our way home we neared the curve right before you can see the McDonald’s and he told me to “get my eyes ready.” I guess he wanted me to know that a trip to the drive-thru was in order.

A while ago Aaron had been misbehaving in school. After reading one of the notes his teacher had sent home I threw away his Nintendo DS admonishing him it would not be retrieved until he started acting like he had some sense. The following Valentine’s Day he made me a card in school that read, “I love you but not like when you throw away my DS.” There’s no video footage for times like these (although I could exploit his antics on YouTube), but that day and numerous episodes like it prompted me to start a journal of the darndest things he says. He doesn’t have to reach Richard Pryor status for his words to have importance. I’m sure it will make a nice gift once he’s an adult; otherwise, I’ll keep it for my own amusement and memories.

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  1. Good post. I will definitely be mindful of what I say as Cheyenne’s days of baby talk come to an end.

  2. i remember that day in Augusta. I told my mother and she laughed so hard because she did the same thing around my god daughter and my friend was in a total shock, Her two year old daughter was quoting Bernie Mac!

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