Mind Your Manners

I’m feeling some kind of way right now, so let me give you the back story.Image

A year ago I joined a group on meetup.com for black professionals. After attending 2 meetings, the organizer filled me in on the next gathering we would be having. Because we have a lot of business owners and self employed members he wanted to give us a spotlight to share our services/specialties. Given my job as a stockbroker, he asked me to speak to the group about the basics of investing. I despise public speaking but agreed nonetheless. Seventeen people RSVP’d to the event. Other than myself and the organizer, only three others showed up. And no, the ones who did not come did not bother to cancel with the organizer.

Fast forward to the present day…

I joined a social group for women between the ages of 21-35. Our next outing won’t be until July, so the organizer proposed that we do something small scale like a movie night. I volunteered to host it at my place. I was providing appetizers (cookies, chips and dip, pasta salad, a fruit platter, and meat balls). The other ladies were going to bring a movie and/or drinks. Besides myself, 4 people planned on coming. The organizer couldn’t make it at the last minute because she was sick. Last night, only 1 person came. The others who didn’t come (not including the organizer) did not call, text, or even so much as send a Facebook message that they couldn’t make it.

People claim they know what they want, but do we really?

When I talked to a friend about what had happened his response was, “Maybe you should stop meeting people online.” I can understand why he would say that, but it’s ironic because I met him online. I met my best friend online too. The internet is one of many tools one can use to establish a relationship if used with care/caution. The way I see it, people are people. I can meet a liar/jerk/douche bag just as easily online as I can in a more traditional setting out and about. To compartmentalize people who are on social networks or dating sites doesn’t seem fair. After all, I think quite highly of myself, and I use various social networks online. 

I just wish more people would mean what they say, say what they mean, and keep their word. Common courtesy isn’t so common. My generation is lacking in all kids of etiquette. Do we really need a class to teach people to hold the door open, give your seat up for the elderly, don’t swear in front of children (or women), and update your flippin RSVP?!


One thought on “Mind Your Manners

  1. I know what you mean. i have recently been trying to reach out and make new friends, which I am blogging about here:http://herampersandhim.com/category/friend-request/

    It seems sometimes there is a lot of back and forth for nothing. I just keep telling myself that meeting one person I can share a friendship with would be worth it. Alas a genuine RSVP would make all the difference. Good luck in your quest! i, thus far, have enjoyed my experience on meetup.com and hope you will too.

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