Moving On Up

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.

                        –          2 Chronicles 15:7


I talked about the transition from my previous job to the one I currently have in another post, so this is just a follow up. If you didn’t read the former post, I’ll catch you up to speed. In a nutshell, I hated my previous job and quit without having another one lined up. I would not advise anyone to do that, but I felt desperate to leave. The stress wasn’t worth the paycheck. I used some of my retirement to help with bills until I found something else.

I was given a job offer for a position I wasn’t terribly interested in but have now come to enjoy. I have been given so much favor with this company. My gross pay took a bump, yet my net pay is the same as my last job. The most important thing lacking with my previous employer were opportunities for advancement. That deficiency has been the absolute opposite with my new employer. I’ve obtained four insurance designations in six months with one more test to take before obtaining my fifth designation next week!

Not my manager, but the director of the call center approached me about taking a position that isn’t even available yet as a trainer because of how quickly I grasp new concepts. We are rated on so many performance and quality metrics like talk time, after-call-work time, the number of escalated calls, the percentage of customer surveys taken, utilization of our online knowledge base, adherence to work schedules, and more. My numbers don’t lie. Month after month I have proven to be a high performer.

corner officeToday, I was approached again to move my cubicle to a WINDOW seat. If you know anything about the corporate world, you know that the corner office with the spectacular view does not go to people in entry level positions. That’s for the big boys and girls. I haven’t been promoted to a new position or title, yet I am literally being moved. The overall reasoning for choosing me was because I was self-reliant (in terms of handling calls) and comfortable on my own. I have always been reserved and introverted. Countless times I’ve thought extroverts had an advantage in terms of networking and moving up the corporate ladder. Now I am reminded that promotion does not come from people but from above (Psalms 75:6-7).

My ten year high school reunion is this year. Some of my classmates are doing it big in locations around the world. I walked across that graduation stage in the midst of future business owners, preachers, band directors, doctors, lawyers, dancers, makeup artists, publicists, and more. I may not be married or rolling in dough but I am mobile, blessed, and highly favored. That’s enough for me.graduates