bad politicians are elected by good people who don't voteIn the fall of 2014, I drove to work one day and saw a small purple and yellow sign posted in the ground that read “Zimmerman for Sheriff”. I thought to myself, “What kind of sick joke is this?” I passed by that sign at least 2 more times before I decided to remove it. A few days later, I saw another one. It was on a different and busier highway; but I still stopped my car, plucked up the sign, threw it in my trunk, and resumed my travels. Not long after, I shared my misguided vigilantism with a friend. I made her laugh out loud but not for good reason. I associated the name Zimmerman with George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin’s killer. My friend informed me that the signs I assumed were making a mockery of that tragic event were indeed true campaign signs for James Zimmerman who was running for Sherriff in Guilford County, NC. I felt like an idiot. I wasn’t ill informed. I was ignorant altogether and failed in my civic duty.facebook_1457973109146

Tomorrow, March 15th, is North Carolina’s presidential primary and state primary election day. I’ve heard a number of excuses ranging from everyone’s corrupt to my vote doesn’t matter. Lies and falsehoods! We live in the information age. Not knowing is not an excuse. I too was unsure of who to vote for, but there’s this really cool website called Google. Problem solved. I pulled up a sample ballot so that I would know all of the names of the candidates to choose from. I then checked out their campaign sites to review their stance on pressing issues. It’s pretty simple. Vote for those who share your values. If you’re not ready and willing to vote, you cannot complain about what elected officials do and/or don’t do on your behalf. While the presidency is important, there are many other seats at the local level that should be given the same amount of attention. Let your voice be heard and go vote!