So I recently made a new friend, and by friend, I mean someone I don’t really know but who has good vibes…good enough to be invited to the cookout. And I did, in fact, invite him to a cookout. He showed up briefly because he was technically on his lunch break, but even in that short time, he mixed well with my friends and was a welcomed addition to the kickback. Fast forward 2 weeks, and he invites me to a “game night”. I’m no stranger to these as my friends and I have them often. Meeting for food and drinks potluck style to play Taboo, Uno, Heads Up, Spades, and the occasional drinking game are a favorite past time especially since we don’t live in a poppin metro. While I appreciate the invitation I have some questions.


  1. Why does is start at 10 pm? Does the crew work weekends? Or are you all just a bunch of vampires?


  1. What happened at Part I of the drunk game night? What games were played? I’m giving major side eye if Truth-or-Dare is on the list. If y ‘all can’t/aren’t playing Spades, it’s a no-go for me.


  1. What’s the age group of the “squad”? While the person who invited me is one year older than me, I’m getting a young vibe from this “flyer”.


  1. Why is it starting so late? Am I the only one going to church on Easter Sunday?


  1. Is everyone in the “squad” single? Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. If y ‘all are going to be spinning the bottle or attempting strip poker, I don’t have time for this.


  1. Why is it starting so damned late?

These are just a few of the things that ran through my mind. I then came to the realization that I’m a real adult. Not quite a soccer-mom-with-a-van adult, but definitely in my jammies by 10 pm adult (if I’m not already out and about). There was a time (in my early 20s) when we didn’t leave the house to go to the club before 11 pm, so why am I trippin? Is it because I’m older? I’m young in age (31) although my knees and back would disagree. On another note, I’ve attended many a game night which escalated into poor excuses to flirt and kiss members of the opposite sex without seeming and/or admitting and/or committing to actual interest. Maybe I’m trippin because I’m no longer single. Can I keep it really real for a moment? Half the time my girlfriends and I got together to go out on a Friday or Saturday night wasn’t because we needed to hang out and bask in each other’s presence. We were creating opportunities to meet men. Those inquiries of, “Wanna grab drinks at XYZ Lounge?” or, “Wanna shoot pool at ABC Bar?” and the like were all womanspeak for, “Let’s be in the place to be so we can get chose, but I’m not going by myself cause that’s uncomfortable weird.”



I don’t chill with my friends any less since becoming attached, but I can admit that I initiate those rendezvouses less often. I’m happy with my relationship, and enjoy being at home just as much as going out. The where isn’t as important as the who. If the function started at a more reasonable hour, then I’d probably go. Who knows? Since these are after party hours, I may swing through after I finish supper dinner. No promises.

2 thoughts on “Gray Hairs, Custom Insoles, Cracking Knees, and Bedtime? I’m Old(er) or In Love

  1. Great post! You’re not old, just an adult with responsibilities. The single scene gets old for everyone, some sooner than others.

  2. Great post! You’re not old, just an adult with responsibilities. The single scene gets old for everyone, some sooner than others.

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