Forgetting What’s Behind

This will probably be one of my most transparent posts to date. I write today for two reasons: first to fully express myself by journaling this moment in time but also in hopes that others, even if just one person, can relate and/or heal through a shared experience. In October of 2015, I broke up…Read more »

Bone, Scrubs and Harmony

The first dog breed I can remember being introduced to as a child was a buff Cocker Spaniel. He was full of energy, and I thought his long ears and curly fur were so cute.  I am still a dog lover with Cockers being my favorite. I had one once, but he suffered from separation…Read more »

You Can’t Command My Smile

Gentlemen, bruhs, dudes, fellas, homeboys, this one’s for you. Last night I went out with two of my girlfriends. We went to thirsty Thursdays at the baseball stadium followed by some good eats at a local bar/pool hall. Prime people watching, drinks, and good company. It was a great night; however, I have to make…Read more »