I Know What Prayer Can Do

screw upI work for a financial services company whose core business provides life insurance, annuities, retirement plan services, and group protection. (Do I sound like a commercial?) There are associate, professional, and fellow designations the company both praises and promotes by offering the study materials and exams required for such designations. There is no cost as long as the exams are completed with a passing score of 70. To sweeten the deal, there is a bonus payout for each designation obtained.

I’ve been working towards a particular designation called the Associate, Reinsurance Administration (ARA). Six courses were required to achieve the ARA. I had sailed through the first four quite smoothly. Two weeks ago I sat for the fifth exam needed. I had prepared for this one like all of the others. I covered one chapter per day including practice questions for each given chapter. Unfortunately, this material was over my head, and I scored a 62 on the practice exam. I prayed and continued to look over the questions I had missed. The following day I passed the real exam with a 78. It’s not a great score but it was enough. I was ecstatic.woman praying

Days leading up to the sixth and final exam, I felt more comfortable with the material; so I was shocked when I took the practice exam and scored a 62 again. I try to pray daily, but last night during my prayer time I felt awkward and embarrassed. I had just prayed about this issue of needing help and guidance to pass a test two short weeks ago, and here I was again making the same request. I wanted to come before Him with praise and thanks, not asking for another favor. I don’t like repeating myself and was almost ashamed to ask Him to repeat a miracle. I know God is not “hard of hearing” and I didn’t want to duplicate the same request. If He knows what I need, do I still have to ask? Yes.

Today I passed the last test with a 94! To God be the glory. Despite my trepidation the night before, He answered my prayer again. When I saw my score, I heard the Lord through his Word reminding me of so many wonderful truths. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5). God responds to persistence (Luke 11:8). God is a spirit (John 4:24) and Psalm 145:18 says the Lord is near to all who call on Him in truth. People will discount, disqualify, and discredit you without a thought because of your flaws, imperfections, and mistakes. I’m so grateful that God does not behave like people. He searches our heart and accepts us when we come to him in truth. The truth was I couldn’t do it on my own, but I knew He could.

Another thing I felt the Holy Spirit say to me is that it’s okay to want and to strive for more. It is good to be content with what you have and where you are in this journey called life, but there’s nothing wrong with progress either. It’s as if He were asking me rhetorically, “that’s it? That’s all you want, is to pass a test? I am the God who created the heavens and the Earth. I am the God who heals the sick, raises the dead, and causes the blind to see. Is this all you want?”

I’m happy with where I am because it’s better than where I used to be, but this isn’t it for me. There’s more to see, more to do, and more to be. The trouble with going higher is that falling is more fatal. The problem with going deeper is that drowning is more probable. Fear can be paralyzing, but I trust that my steps are ordered (Psalm 37:23) and I’m learning to want what He wants. I’m not talking about possessions or money. I came into this world without those and will leave without them. Instead, I must set my focus on things above (Colossians 3:2).

More Than Enough

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

shout girlDuring my senior year of college I worked 2 part-time jobs. I also took out student loans deviously misnamed a refund to support myself which I would later learn in life was poorly misused. (It’s how I purchased my first motorcycle, but that’s for another post.) I didn’t enjoy living from paycheck to paycheck, but I had the great hope that many young people possess. I thought that after obtaining my degree, I’d get a “real” job that compensated me well enough to pay my obligations, save on the side, and still have money to blow for life’s luxuries. It didn’t quite turn out that way, and if you see Sallie Mae, tell that homewreckin heifa I bet not see her in the street. ‘Gon make me lose my religion.

Despite the less than hoped for ending, God has truly blessed me. God is many things to many people, but I feel compelled to share a snippet of how He has been my Provider.

I have a 2009 Mazda 6 which I adore in comparison to the ’98 Saturn SL I drove before her. On December 12, 2012, I woke up and prepared for another workday. I had applied for a condo and needed to stop by the leasing office before going into work. Strangely I was able to drive to the leasing office with no problem, but the car wouldn’t start once I was ready to head to work. Fortunately, my place of employment was less than 5 miles away. I called my manager who came to my aid and gave me a jump. He was understanding of my situation and relieved me so that I could go to an auto parts store to get things squared away. I went to an Auto Zone where I was able to buy a new battery. It cost $121.83. You might be wondering why I remember the amount down to the penny of an item I purchased more than a year ago. It’s proof of my testimony (and also has the warranty information on it). The thing is no matter how much I may have felt inconvenienced at the time; I was being blessed in the midst of this mechanical failure. First off, things could have been much worse. What if I had gotten stranded far away from work and home? Who would I have called? Secondly, had this same situation happened even so much as a year earlier I wouldn’t have had the extra cash on hand to take care of the incident.

I’m reminded again of how well off I was in 2013. My birthday is in June. Usually if someone asks me what I want for my birthday I can think of something I had wanted in order to give them an idea of what to get. Maybe an Mp3 player or a pedometer or MONEY. Not this time. If you would have asked me this time, you would be met with silence. I didn’t need anything. The same scenario happened during Christmas of 2013. I had no wish list because I lacked no good thing.

snow in the southI’m sorry to make this post so long, but I have to share the most recent instance of my Jehovah Jireh doing what He does best. I live in North Carolina. It snowed here a week ago. My son was out of school, but I still went to work before the snow had started.  Once I left my job a good 2-3 inches had fallen. There’s more than one way to get to my babysitter’s house. I wanted to take the quickest route, but there was a traffic jam than prompted a detour. I would end up passing my own house to get to my babysitter’s. I was less than a mile away from my home when my car got stuck in the snow. A man in a truck saw my distress and stopped to help. He had a cable and was able to pull my car into a parking lot. He even offered me a ride, but I declined. I was within walking distance of my house. Thankfully, my babysitter’s husband also had a truck and dropped my son off at my house once I got home. What’s crazy is I didn’t even ask for help yet it was provided. Matthew 6:8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

It’s not over. If “the third time’s the charm” then the fourth must be a pot of gold.shout

After I got off from work this past Monday I walked out to my car and discovered I had a flat tire. It had just enough air that it was drivable. I planned to put some air into it to hold me over til the next morning. My plans were dashed when I realized I had left my purse at the office. I don’t have male friends. Male associates, yes. Male friends, no. I called my ex-boyfriend to see if he could change my tire. He obliged and even offered to take my car to get fixed while I was at work. (I don’t get off until 6 pm.) Ladies, don’t burn too many bridges. You never know when you’ll need a hook-up. Unfortunately, all of my tires needed to be replaced badly. There was no tread left. Fortunately, I had the money on hand to take care of everything.

I’m full of gratitude because I’ve been provided with everything I need to handle anything that comes my way. I’m also thankful for the people that have been placed in my life that are willing to lend a helping hand; even the strangers. One could expect family and friends to help out, but a stranger? You can’t tell me God isn’t good.

My Health #Flawless

My employer offered a free health screening which I participated in today. I was nervous stepping on to the scale. I have been exercising consistently for the last three weeks (5 days/week), so I wasn’t pleased to learn that I weighed 175 pounds. That’s 5 pounds higher than usual. Five pounds may not sound like anything to fret over, but I go hard in my workouts. Either the scale is off or my diet needs to catch up to the excellence of my workouts.

Once I had my biometric results, I couldn’t care less about 5 pounds. My numbers were #flawless.

Desirable/Optimal Range (for females)                       Actual

Total Cholesterol 125-199 mg/dL                                   168

HDL ≥ 46 mg/dL                                                                       72

Triglyceride less than 150 mg/dL                                     60

LDL 55-99 mg/dL                                                                     84

Non-HDL less than 130 mg/dL                                            96

Total Cholesterol/HDL ≤ 5.0                                               2.3

Glucose 65-99 mg/dL*                                                            80

Blood Pressure less than 120/80 mmHg                        110/76

Waist Circumference less than 35                                      33

BMI 18.5-24.9                                                                             28.2

*If you did not fast for the screening, less than 140 mg/dL

Everything was spot on with the exception of my BMI. Body mass index, aka BMI, is an inaccurate measure of body fat content. It does not take into account muscle mass, bone density, overall body composition, and sex differences.

lapping couchI’ve had an active lifestyle for my entire life so the numbers don’t surprise me. It’s still nice to have confirmation. I’m so thankful for the blessing of good health. I’ve always had this weird desire to live to age 100 (as long as I’m not in pain). My paternal grandmother is still living at the age of 95. My great, great grandmother died at the age of 110. If family history is the biggest indicator of life span then I’m well on my way. The Lord can take me whenever He sees good and fit, but I intend to live a very long life.

candy crush

I enjoy running but not in cold weather. I have a gym membership but have been exercising at home for the last few months. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. FitnessBlender is my favorite channel for home workouts. They don’t require equipment and mix cardio with strength moves. I’m also a fan of the Atlanta based fitness trainer Rahman Grayson better known as Mr. Shut Up and Train. He frequently has workout challenges posted on his site and FaceBook page.



I love food million bucksjust as much as any other American. The only way I can keep my intake in check is by making sure the majority of what I eat is something I’ve cooked/prepared at home. I also try not to drink my calories. If I’m not drinking water then I may have skim milk, chocolate milk, or juice. I have alcohol socially. Dieting in terms of restricting calories and certain food groups is difficult to sustain. I’ve never been on a successful diet that didn’t conclude in me regaining part or all of what I had lost. The 80/20 rule and moderation works best for me.


Live well. Be well.

I dated a crazy person. Does that make me crazy too?

ImageIt wasn’t all bad. He was funny, intellectual, good-looking, and a great father to his children. We even had similar personalities. All 3 months were not bad, but I made the common mistake of putting too much hope into his potential throwing caution to the wind. There were so many red flags and I couldn’t help but feel my intuition, or the Holy Spirit, or my rational logic plead that something wasn’t right. He wasn’t right. Not for me, anyway.

ImageMy first pet peeve is having my time wasted. One Saturday I went to one of his flag football games. I watched him play for the first hour. He would usually sit with me to watch some of the other teams after his game had ended, but this Saturday he didn’t. He said he had to take one of his fellow teammates home but that he would be right back. I went to get something to eat and returned to the field. I waited and watched, waited and watched. He texted to say he was on his way back, but 30 minutes later I was still sitting by myself. After 2 hours I was done waiting and let him know I was leaving. He said ok and mentioned that he had stopped by his house to get his dog.

ImageMy second pet peeve is being lied to. Apparently, he had a German Shepherd named Luke. I have never seen Luke, not even a picture. One time while at his house, he said Luke was at the groomers. Another time he said he was in the back room. I never heard a bark or a scratch. Nothing. His apartment didn’t have an odor and there was no sight of dog hair on the couch or anywhere else in the apartment. No sign of a dog bowl, dog food, a crate, nothing. One day he said that Luke was sick. He took him to the vet and Luke’s stomach had turned. I was thoroughly confused. I didn’t know what that meant but gave him well wishes anyway. A few nights later I went out with some friends to a Zumba party. Once I had returned to my car, I checked my phone to see that he had called several times and texted that he had to put Luke down. I guess that was the death of that lie.

ImageMy third pet peeve is people talking with no actions to back up what is said. Not one, two, or even three times, but there were at least four occasions where he said he was going to come by my place but never came. He said he wanted to get another dog after Luke’s passing but never did. He said he wanted to go to the mountains to see the changing of the colors but never did. He said he wanted to go to a John Legend concert but never did. He said he would pay me back when I lent him money for his phone bill but never did. He said he bought me a pair of Jordans, a watch, and a purse but I never received anything; not even for Christmas. Don’t talk about it, be about it.

ImageMy fourth pet peeve is not getting enough quality time. He was a homebody, but that’s not an excuse to not go out on dates. He never took me anywhere. Hanging out at my house or yours is not sufficient quality time. The few times we went out it was because I asked him to go with me (for example wine tasting and game night at a friend’s house). The last straw came on New Year’s Eve. I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate. He said he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to be out in a crowd. I asked him if he wanted to go to church, but he said no. Later that day he sends me a text explaining that he wanted to get his two children but their mother wanted them back the next day. They live an hour apart. Considering his family lives in the same area as his children he decided to be with his family and children that night. Seriously? Thanksgiving and Christmas should definitely be set aside for family time, but (if you’re booed up) you should spend New Year’s Eve with your significant other. He told me countless times that he loved me and wanted to make me his wife. If that were true, why would he not invite me to be with him?

Very little about our relationship made sense, so I broke up with him. I made my decision believing that in due time I would gain a much better relationship with someone else than what I was letting go of. He was upset with me of course. From his standpoint, he knew he wasn’t perfect but felt that I should have accepted him, flaws and all, because he accepted me. I’m in no way claiming to be perfect or flawless. I am neither of those, but I can’t be held responsible for our relationship’s demise. My only regret is not tackling our issues head on as they came up. You live and you learn, and I won’t fall for potential again.

A Leap of Faith in Employment

I was an Investment Consultant (registered rep) for a stock brokerage firm. I did more customer service than anything else. Recently, the firm figured our existing clients only held 8% of their assets with us. This information provoked new changes to proactively gather assets from our existing customers and convince them to consolidate their outside accounts with us. This was good for the company but not so much for me because this change would now require me to cold call. I am not a saleswoman. I knew for over a year that Ia leap of faith in employment wanted to make a career change prior to my new duties. I was bored and oftentimes frustrated. I fasted and prayed for God to reveal to me which direction to go in. I knew everything that I didn’t want to do but couldn’t figure out what I did want to do. I stayed in my position collecting paycheck after paycheck until the level of frustration, headaches, and anxiety with my job increased to the point where I felt I had to resign for my own peace of mind.


I knew it wasn’t wise to leave without having another job lined up. Despite the penalties I would incur, I hoped that the $6,000 (< 3 months of bills) I had saved through a retirement plan would last long enough for me to find a new job. I gave my employer a 5 week notice of my resignation, and my last day of employment was on August 2, 2013. I searched for jobs online through sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and News Record (local newspaper). After two months I had only had two telephone assessments and two in-person interviews. I remembered, “If you want to get something you’ve never gotten, you have to do something you’ve never done”. With a fixed amount of funds I sought the help of a free service via the Goodwill Industries Career Center. There I was able to find more job leads and get help with improving my resume.


I continued to tithe as best as I could and prayed believing that the God who had never failed me before would still be with me in this situation too. I knew that I wasn’t immune to unemployment or poverty, but my faith was BIG from the word of God I read and heard. I was aware of the worst case scenario but I envisioned, even fantasized, about God making a way for me. I would day dream about how I would act when I got the call for a job offer. I couldn’t wait to tell people what God had done for me again. I reminded myself of all the times he had blessed me in the past: He spared my life in a motorcycle accident, He spared my son who was born 11 weeks premature weighing 2 lbs 15 oz, He got me through school to obtain my Bachelors degree, He provided so that bills were paid even though I had a mediocre income. I know what He can do because I know what He did. I never lost faith despite my dwindling bank account.


On Monday, September 30th I was given a job offer by Lincoln Financial. In all honesty, it wasn’t the job I wanted out of all of the jobs I a leap of faith in employment1applied for, but it was a job. As I write this post, I have completed 2.5 weeks of training and am delighted to be with this company. I love the people, the atmosphere, and the many opportunities for career advancement. I feel I can happily work there for many years to come. To top things off, my net income is higher now that it was at my previous job. God is GREAT!


Here are a few scriptures that encouraged me in my time of waiting:

·        Matthew 20:16So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.

·        Galatians 6:9And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

·        Matthew 6:25-27Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?27 Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

·        Philippians 4:19And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

·        Matthew 21:22And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

·        Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Life Lessons from Little League

I have a seven year old who has been playing soccer for the last two years. He’s no David Beckham, but I felt it was important for him to get involved in team sports. He enjoys it and goes to bed at a decent hour with no complaints on game days. It’s a win-win situation. Youth sports aren’t just a great physical activity, but they also teach social skills people can implore later on in life.soccer

1.         You play how you practice. Have you ever seen a player make a mistake and retort with, “He/she always does that!”? That’s because understanding and execution are two different things. Most people, especially children, learn through repetition. It’s not good enough to tell a soccer player to use the side of the foot instead of the toe. In order to kick properly, this skill needs to be perfected during practice before one can expect the player to do well on the field. Life is no different. Think of a student in school. The purpose of homework and quizzes isn’t to bog down or bore the pupil. Those things are intended to reinforce the lesson in preparation for the test.  

 2.         Play your position. A professional soccer team has 11 players on the field at a time, but at age 7 there are only 4 players. (The field is also much smaller.) Their assigned positions are left offense, left defense, right offense, and right defense. Simple, or so it should be; but things don’t run as smoothly when someone isn’t located in their assigned position. (God forbid all 4 are out of order.) Frequently, I saw my son as an offensive player located behind his defensive players. I yelled, “Play up! He can’t pass to you from there.” Too many times we’re like kids: all running after one ball and ignoring the space we’re supposed to occupy. Everyone can’t be a great athlete or a great singer or a great actor. Does the world really need 7 billion Samuel L. Jackson’s? Resist the rat race and stay in your lane.

 3.         Focus.  At age 5, there was a game where my son did a Michael Jackson impersonation in the middle of a game. “Pay attention,” I yelled. How the melody of Billy Jean overtook him at that moment is beyond me, but we have to be mindful of the task at hand. At some point (I hope) we work towards a goal, yet we seem to be surrounded by chaos and distractions. We can’t let the things going on around us divert our attention on what’s really important.

 4.         Remember who’s on your team. Sometimes the boys chase after the soccer ball all at once. Everyone on both teams is standing so close together looking down at the ball. They can lose sight of the fact that they are actually taking the ball from a teammate. What happens if one person finally manages to get the ball? Well now, everyone is out of position, so he definitely can’t pass it to someone else. Does the player have the skill to kick it to the goal while the four players from the opposing team chase him? Not likely. You can’t expect to win once you’ve isolated yourself from both your enemies and your friends.

 5.         Display good sportsmanship. A season or two ago I remember a game where my son’s team demolished their opponent. The score was somewhere around 15-2. Each time we scored a young boy would yell out the current score with his arms raised in excitement. By the time we reached our fifth goal my son thought he might cheer with him as well, but I intervened and told him to stop. There’s no harm in taking pleasure in winning, but at whose expense? What may be cheering to you may actually be taunting to someone else. An exaggerated praise of self is never attractive.

Shady McShadster or So It Seems

cotton candyI was doing some reading the other day and learned that William J Morrison, a dentist, co-patented the machine which produces cotton candy. (At its conception in 1897, it was called fairy floss.) Isn’t it ironic that a dentist would partner with a candy maker, John C. Wharton, to create such a cavity inducing product? Sounds kind of shady. In modern day this would be like Jillian Michaels opening a restaurant that sells the most high calorie foods on earth and then helps those same restaurant patrons to lose the pounds said food has packed onto their waistlines. Money on all sides!


After a little googling research, it is clear that Dr. Morrison appreciates multiple income streams as he was not only a dentist but also a lawyer, author, and civic leader. The snapshot of information I mentioned first does not and cannot truly unveil his intentions.


I have friends on both sides of the spectrum: some naïve optimists and others realistic pessimists. I love when my friend, Terrell*, says, “I’m just keepin it one hun-nit (100).” I kid you not; Terrell got so heated when I asked if awareness for World AIDS Day should be more important than the arrest of Rosa Parks (who was not the first to be arrested for what she did). I wasn’t giving my opinion…just asking a question. He went OFF! He’s definitely into conspiracy theories and explained that AIDS was created by the man to kill off a certain group of people. I can’t agree or disagree with any part of his allegations. I’m not familiar enough with the subject to do that, but his banter was quite entertaining. Such passion that Terrell has.

 conspiracy theories

Anyway, I just wondered, what are some conspiracy theories you believe and why?


*Name changed for privacy concerns.

Blurred Vision

blurred visionI went for a walk late last night to clear my mind. It’s funny how your eyes can play tricks on you in the presence of darkness. I looked over into a neighbor’s yard and thought I had seen a deer. I stepped a little closer, squinted, and realized it was actually a bush. The light colored flowers resembled the spots one might see on a deer. I laughed at myself while realizing this is how the enemy often operates. He uses the lack of light/truth to distort our vision.

Days ago I was speaking on the phone to a friend who is 31 years of age. He asked me, “Have you ever felt frustrated, stressed, and depressed all at the same time?” While I’ve experienced stress and frustration on many occasions, I can confidently say I’ve never been depressed. That is a very strong word to describe one’s feelings. I was alarmed at his question and knew something wasn’t right. He went on to say that he starts feeling this way every year around his birthday. He wonders where the time went and why he isn’t further along in life. Frustration can kick in when you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

When I was a young girl, I thought I’d be done with school and have a nice paying job by 25 and a husband (or at least headed down the aisle) by 30. I also thought there would surely be flying cars by now, but I digress. I told him like I’m telling you; society pressures us into believing x, y, and z should be completed by a certain time frame. If we don’t, then we’re failures. Don’t let limitations like this get you down because a person can become successful at any age. Harrison Ford was 35 when he caught his big break in the movie Star Wars. Harland Sanders was 65 when he launched Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Peter Roget invented the thesaurus at age 73.

It may be necessary to reassess how you define success. Before David died he gave his son, Solomon, some advice in chapter 2 of 1 Kings. His formula for prosperity was to follow God and obey Him. This same formula is plainly written in Joshua 1:8 “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” It may seem difficult to listen to God because he won’t typically talk to us the way people do. We don’t hear an audible voice saying, “Turn left. Go here. Stop scratching that bug bite.” Instead, God’s voice is His word. When I read the Bible that is my opportunity to hear what He has to say.

Psalm 25:12-
Who is the man who fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way he should choose.

Mind Your Manners

I’m feeling some kind of way right now, so let me give you the back story.Image

A year ago I joined a group on meetup.com for black professionals. After attending 2 meetings, the organizer filled me in on the next gathering we would be having. Because we have a lot of business owners and self employed members he wanted to give us a spotlight to share our services/specialties. Given my job as a stockbroker, he asked me to speak to the group about the basics of investing. I despise public speaking but agreed nonetheless. Seventeen people RSVP’d to the event. Other than myself and the organizer, only three others showed up. And no, the ones who did not come did not bother to cancel with the organizer.

Fast forward to the present day…

I joined a social group for women between the ages of 21-35. Our next outing won’t be until July, so the organizer proposed that we do something small scale like a movie night. I volunteered to host it at my place. I was providing appetizers (cookies, chips and dip, pasta salad, a fruit platter, and meat balls). The other ladies were going to bring a movie and/or drinks. Besides myself, 4 people planned on coming. The organizer couldn’t make it at the last minute because she was sick. Last night, only 1 person came. The others who didn’t come (not including the organizer) did not call, text, or even so much as send a Facebook message that they couldn’t make it.

People claim they know what they want, but do we really?

When I talked to a friend about what had happened his response was, “Maybe you should stop meeting people online.” I can understand why he would say that, but it’s ironic because I met him online. I met my best friend online too. The internet is one of many tools one can use to establish a relationship if used with care/caution. The way I see it, people are people. I can meet a liar/jerk/douche bag just as easily online as I can in a more traditional setting out and about. To compartmentalize people who are on social networks or dating sites doesn’t seem fair. After all, I think quite highly of myself, and I use various social networks online. 

I just wish more people would mean what they say, say what they mean, and keep their word. Common courtesy isn’t so common. My generation is lacking in all kids of etiquette. Do we really need a class to teach people to hold the door open, give your seat up for the elderly, don’t swear in front of children (or women), and update your flippin RSVP?!


You Want Me to Do What, Lord?

faithAn effective leader should possess at least 3 qualities: knows what to do, knows how to do it, and has the ability to influence others. What happens when you’re called for a task and can’t credit your résuméwith any of these items?


2 Corinthians 12:9 Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.


When Moses was called to trade his crown in for a staff he protested 5 times:

1.      Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt? (Exodus 3:11)

2.     If I go to the people of Israel and tell them, “The God of your ancestors has sent me to you,” they will ask me, “What is his name?” Then what should I tell them? (Exodus 3:13)

3.     What if they won’t believe me or listen to me? What if they say, “The Lord never appeared to you.”? (Exodus 4:1)

4.     O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled. (Exodus 4:10)

5.     Lord, please! Send anyone else. (Exodus 4:13)


This gives us insight on how to not doubt ourselves or God’s decision to call on us. My favorite response to all of his excuses was when God asked this rhetorical question in Exodus 4:11, “Who makes a person’s mouth?” Surely your creator knows what you are capable of. It is only your job to be willing.


burning bushDon’t beat around the bush or in Moses’ case the burning bush. Realize that the work you must do is so much more important than any insecurity you may have about yourself. Have you had any “but God” moments? Instead of saying, “but God, I can’t,” start saying, “but God, you can.” Maybe your grades weren’t so good in high school, yet you were accepted into college. But God! Maybe you’re struggling from paycheck to paycheck, yet all of your bills are paid. But God! Maybe you were supposed to die in that car accident, yet you’re still here alive and well to tell the story. But God!


Moses was a stuttering, hot-tempered, murderer. Moses couldn’t, but God could. God used him for greatness. His faith and obedience affected an entire nation of people. He also authored the first five books of the Bible. Who needs a résumé when you’ve got a cover letter like that?