Shady McShadster or So It Seems

cotton candyI was doing some reading the other day and learned that William J Morrison, a dentist, co-patented the machine which produces cotton candy. (At its conception in 1897, it was called fairy floss.) Isn’t it ironic that a dentist would partner with a candy maker, John C. Wharton, to create such a cavity inducing product? Sounds kind of shady. In modern day this would be like Jillian Michaels opening a restaurant that sells the most high calorie foods on earth and then helps those same restaurant patrons to lose the pounds said food has packed onto their waistlines. Money on all sides!


After a little googling research, it is clear that Dr. Morrison appreciates multiple income streams as he was not only a dentist but also a lawyer, author, and civic leader. The snapshot of information I mentioned first does not and cannot truly unveil his intentions.


I have friends on both sides of the spectrum: some naïve optimists and others realistic pessimists. I love when my friend, Terrell*, says, “I’m just keepin it one hun-nit (100).” I kid you not; Terrell got so heated when I asked if awareness for World AIDS Day should be more important than the arrest of Rosa Parks (who was not the first to be arrested for what she did). I wasn’t giving my opinion…just asking a question. He went OFF! He’s definitely into conspiracy theories and explained that AIDS was created by the man to kill off a certain group of people. I can’t agree or disagree with any part of his allegations. I’m not familiar enough with the subject to do that, but his banter was quite entertaining. Such passion that Terrell has.

 conspiracy theories

Anyway, I just wondered, what are some conspiracy theories you believe and why?


*Name changed for privacy concerns.