Keto for the Win

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for over a decade. I have been active all of my life starting with soccer, ballet, and tap as a child to track and volleyball as a teen to weightlifting and an array of exercise classes as an adult. Exercise has never been my problem, but my infatuation with food…Read more »

Green Queen

            For the last 4 years I’ve participated in my church’s corporate fast. It lasts for 6 days where the congregation only consumes unlimited amounts of water and 2 cups of juice daily. The first time, I didn’t feel prepared to go cold turkey, so I opted for eating foods similar to the Daniel fast…Read more »

My Health #Flawless

My employer offered a free health screening which I participated in today. I was nervous stepping on to the scale. I have been exercising consistently for the last three weeks (5 days/week), so I wasn’t pleased to learn that I weighed 175 pounds. That’s 5 pounds higher than usual. Five pounds may not sound like…Read more »